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Customer Profile Series: Meet Ethan

They are specially made for goalies, the ankle protection and the grip on the waist band keeps them from falling down and they are more comfortable than other tops brands of under protection. Way better than all other brands and truly appreciate that Oneiric make goalie specific under protection.

Customer Profile Series: Meet Brayah

I am 10 years old, I play for the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven U11AA team. I’m really active and love playing sports. My Mom grew up playing hockey, so she registered me to see if I would like it. I absolutely fell in love with hockey. I started out as a skater and then decided to be a goalie. I have been skating since I was 3 and started hockey at age 5.

Customer Profile Series: Meet Victoria Ciuc

As she started getting more and more serious about hockey with AAA I noticed the speed of the game and there were some serious accidents that happened this year in MA for hockey that made me rethink what clothing options for safety there are out there.

Customer Profile Series: Meet Julian

I heard great things about Oneiric in a Facebook group for goalie parents. I liked the idea of the cut-resistant wrists on the Soteria top and ankles on the Genesis pant, especially as a goalie - they get stepped on all the time!