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When Hockey Was Simple—Emma’s Story: In Memory of Nicole

Up until that point, it was all figure skates and twirls but once I put Nicole’s gear on, I was a goalie. I fell in love with the sport and will always be grateful for the start she gave me. There was a part of me that felt like she was right beside me giggling and cheering me on. Nicole gave me the opportunity to become a goalie like my older brother.

Customer Profile Series: Meet Madison

My favourite NHL team is the Vegas Golden Nights because I like Marc Andre Fleury. We even named our puppy Fleury! I started playing hockey with the Little Blackhawks and fell in love with the sport. I was 5 when I first started so I’ve now been playing for 3 years. 

When Hockey Was Simple—Marty’s Story

As many years have passed, I’ve become a husband and a father.  Hockey has stayed in my life and although I don’t have the memories of my own Dad around the sport, the game allowed me to have them with my own kids.

When Hockey was Simple – Jim’s story

When Hockey was Simple – Jim’s story
When I think about what hockey gave me in those years, the first thing that comes to mind is friendship.  A lot of the kids we played with over the years are still my friends today.  I think for many of us those silly games of shinny saved us.  I hate to think what we would have been doing if we didn’t have the game and the friendships to get us through.