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Customer Profile Series: Meet Carsten Raack

Carsten Raack is 10 years old and finishing up his 2nd year as a Squirt (10U). He plays for the Ice Bears in Oak Park, Illinois. When Carsten was 4, we were looking for a winter activity and hockey came up. We took him to the local rink to be outfitted with gear, and once everything went on he decided he was a hockey player. 

When Hockey Was Simple: Tommy's Story

I know there are a million stories about crazy hockey parents, parents that pushed their kids too hard, or parents that wanted to live vicariously through their kids playing the game. In my home, that just wasn’t case. 

When Hockey Was Simple: Pat's Story

I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was August 16, 1977, a perfect day for road hockey with my neighbourhood buds.  Back then, every day was a perfect day for road hockey.  It was really hot out so we all decided to go in for a water break.