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Customer Profile Series: Meet Kasen Nuttall

We searched for protective goalie base layers and came across Oneiric and their products! Finding good quality and protective goalie attire for young goalies is hard to come by so we are so thankful to have found Oneiric and made the purchase of a Genesis Base Layer for goalies.

When Hockey Was Simple – Anna’s story

You would think as an 86-year-old woman my memories of 45 years ago would be foggy but I can say with all honesty that they are as clear as a bell. I was asked to think of a story around hockey, a story of a simpler time, when people just played for the love of the game.

Customer Profile Series: Meet Declan Scott

I wanted to start playing hockey because I always watched hockey on tv with my dad and I watched my dad play hockey. I starting playing goalie when I was asked to try it when I was 5 years old by my coach and I haven’t left the crease since!